Finding Your Tribespeople

You ever meet someone that you feel an immediate connection with? Everything that comes out of that person’s mouth speaks directly to you. It’s like that person gets you, thinks like you do, talks like you and has the same aspirations as you. That make you feel like you can take on the world. That person is from your tribe. I consider Oprah Winfrey, Anthony Robbins, Carlos Santana, George Clooney, and John Leguizamo to be part of my tribe.

Your tribespeople are all around you. Your job is to recognize who they are and connect with them. In order to know your tribespeople, you need to know yourself, what inspires you, what wakes you up in the morning, and what makes you want to move forward.

Once you’ve got that figured out, identifying your tribespeople will be a piece of cake. Make a list of the people you feel are from your tribe and seek them out. Your tribesman can also be peers. The more you pay attention, the more you will be able to recognize those from your tribe.

We are bombarded with daily negativity and are constantly told what we can’t do.  To counteract those messages, we must plug into what feeds our spirit, ignites our creativity, and reminds us of our purpose. That’s what our tribespeople are for.  Once you know who they are, figure out how to connect with them.

Even if you can’t connect with them one-on-one, maybe you can connect with them by attending events where they are, watching their videos, or by going to seminars they are speaking at. Plugging in regularly to your tribesman will help keep you centered and on your mission.

That’s all the common sense I have for you today. Until next time, #KeepItCommon!