2016 New Year


How do you want this year to unfold? What are you willing to do to make this the best year yet?


I know everyone has rituals they start out with at the beginning of the year such as joining gyms to lose weight, proclaiming to give up stuff, making new resolutions, and setting goals.


But, they don’t put any fail-safe measures in place. So this year, I challenge you to do your goal setting or your resolutions with a support team.


Give yourself three to four people that you can share your want-to’s for 2016 who will help keep you accountable, help you stay on track and help you fulfill those things you say you want for the coming year.


It’s important not only to write down your goals or wants, but to have accountability partners that will keep you honest and nudge you to stay on track, encourage you when you’re loosing speed, and cheer you on as you get close to the finish line.


So, after you make that list or what you want to do, what you want to achieve, what you want to have for 2016 – Make another list of who can champion you list – ‘cause most of us need people to champion us!


How do you find these people? Sometimes they can be in your family, sometimes they can be people in your church, co-workers – and sometimes they’re strangers that you connect with through meetup or mastermind groups or self-help workshops.


Or, if you can’t find any of those, then invest in a life coach who you check in with regularly to help keep you steady on your course.


Otherwise, you will fall off your wagon by the end of January and won’t get back up until the end of December – and we wouldn’t want that!


So, get to finding your people. Until next time, happy new year and make your new year the best it can be.