Stacey Dash – A Clueless Brat?


I’m probably one of the few people in Hollywood who can say: I babysat Stacey Dash, So there.

Stacey Dash did a great job of getting everybody’s attention last month. Her comments on FOX news program has blown up social media.

She’s had all kinds of people chime in from Presidential hopeful Ben Carson, COO of BET Debra Lee, Whoopi Goldberg The Game, Marlon Wayans, Gabrielle Union to Wacka Flocka Flame!

People slammed her because she’s calling for the demise of BET and Black History Month claiming that those two reinforce separatism.

So, let’s do a little history recap. BET was started because there was no place place to show black music videos during the time when MTV started and all they showed was white music videos – not black ones. So, BET was born out of a need to represent all those black artists out there who had no out lets in which to show there video. Back in the dark ages, there was no YouTube, Vimeo or iTunes.

Black History Month came out of a need to teach black history that was not being include in US school curriculums.

Unfortunately, there haven’t been big enough changes to merit the abolishment of culture- specific programs.

So now that you know why we have that in place – now we can get back to Stacey Dash.

Although Stacey could be  bratty, she ain’t clueless. She’s figured out how to get free publicity for herself. Which, if you think about it, is pretty brilliant. I’m going to go to the white man and talk about black people. And I’m going to call them American Blacks!

So, as an actor, the next time you’re looking for publicity, take a page from Stacey Dash’s book, get on a morning FOX show about put your race down.

That will get you a lot of press, a lot of follows, and a few hits ordered on your life. And that is what I’ve learned from Stacey Dash. Stacey is about Stacey and no one else, but she’s been like that since childhood.


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