About Lydia Nicole, the Common Sense Mamita

Lydia Nicole is the creator, producer and star of the hugely popular weekly video log titled Common Sense Mamita.

In addition, she is also prepping to take her award-winning and critically acclaimed one-woman show, “A Rose in Spanish Harlem,” on tour in Spring 2015. She is also producing Playin’ For Love, Robert Townsend’s new romantic comedy to be released in 2015.

From the day she was born in Harlem, New York, Lydia Nicole has lived an extraordinary life and has never met a challenge she did not face head on. She is a woman who was born with an endless supply of optimism and faith. Lydia Nicole was born of a mixed race. Half Black. Half Puerto Rican. Her father was a pimp. Her mother was a prostitute, and her caretaker and confidant, an outrageous drag queen, named Fifi. Instead of molding herself after her parent’s lifestyle, she found solace in her faith and by accepting what she could not change. She has never let anything get in her way, and there was plenty to derail her dreams. Her strength was demonstrated in the creation of her one-woman show “A Rose in Spanish Harlem,” which explores her difficult childhood. It is a classic drama, a story of hope, empowerment and the supernatural. “A Rose In Spanish Harlem,” distinguished Lydia Nicole as a gifted playwright and actor, and a career that now spans 25-years.

As an actor, Lydia Nicole’s film trajectory led her to co-starring in the Oscar-nominated Stand and Deliver working along side of Edward James Olmos. She has also shined in such films as Indecent Proposal, Hollywood Shuffle, and most currently, Rave and 10 Attitudes. Her television work is equally impressive having co-starred on such iconic TV series as The Fall Guy, Hills Street Blues, and Thirtysomething. She is as talented behind the scenes as she is in front of the camera. Her producer credits include TV series: Diary of a Single Mom, Los Americans, and In The Hive. She also performed in two comedy live shows DVDs: Ladies of Color, which ran for two years, and Hot & Spicy Mamitas (also produced), which ran for six yearsduring that time, they recorded a CD on Uproar Records.

Lydia Nicole is also a savvy entertainment businesswoman. Her first job at the early age of 13 was at the number one radio station in New York City WBLS-FM considered the creator of the urban contemporary format. She apprenticed under radio legends Frankie Crocker and Hal Jackson, and eventually was promoted to music director by the time she was 19. This job brought her to Los Angeles where she landed a job working at Neil Bogart’s legendary Casablanca Records, whose roster included Donna Summer and Cher. There she worked closely with record mogul Jheryl Busby where her skills and insight served her well in record promotions, artist development and marketing.

A deeply spiritual performing artist and filmmaker, Lydia Nicole has evolved into an inspiring motivational speaker. She has hosted extraordinary workshops for the California Youth Authority (CYA), a division of the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation that provides education, training, and treatment services for California’s most serious youth offenders. CYA programs she has been involved with include A Garden Party and Boys to Kings. At A Garden Party, Lydia Nicole taught incarcerated females to respect and nurture the gardens they helped to plant. She has recently completed a new solo-show entitled “In The Men’s Corner,” based on her rights of passage workshop, Boys to Kings. She is as active with her ministry as she is with her career.

Lydia Nicole has made a full circle from her childhood days from Spanish Harlem in New York City to being one of the most talented actors, producers and comedians. Instead of letting her difficult circumstances break her down, she embraced it, tapped into her creativity, nurtured it and has never let anyone or circumstance derail her plans to entertain and bring joy to at-risk youth and the less fortunate.

She lives in Los Angeles and New York and enjoys spending time and working with her filmmaker daughter, Lexie Grace. Lydia Nicole mentors a women’s group, tending her garden and painting everything red.


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