Divorce Your Story & Marry The Truth

Why are you telling that story?  That story makes you look bad! Why don’t you just tell the truth?  The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth! So help you!

Have you ever found yourself repeating a story that victimizes you or makes you look like a loser when the fact is you are far from it?   But just because you had a bump in the road, or someone said something unfavorably about you, you created a horrible story about yourself.  It’s not only important to be careful how you speak about yourself to others; but more importantly how you talk about yourself to yourself.

You have to see yourself as a winner even when circumstances make you feel like a failure. Porque tu no es porqueria ni es basura. Tu es maraivillosa. Translation: you are not junk or anyone’s trash, you are marvelous.

If you have to tell a story, give yourself a new story that makes you a hero and  motivates you every time you hear it to strive for greatness instead of making you the villain.

Your new story should include the following five statements:

One: I am equipped

Two: I can take on any obstacle and beat it

Three: I operate in winning vehicles

Four: Where there’s a will I find a way

Five: I am unstoppable in everything I do

Start writing a new story for yourself that empowers you, lifts you up, and makes you soar.

That is all the common sense I have for you today. Until next time #KeepItCommon!